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Friday, June 6, 2008

Tiens China

The head office of Tiens Group in China is located in the Wuqing New-tech Industrial Park of Tiens Group, which is the earliest developed district of TIENS International Marketing Group.

Address: No. 6 Yuanquan Road, Wuqing Development Area, New-tech Industry Park, Tianjin, China
Post Code: 301700
Tel: 0086-22-82124400
Fax: 0086-22-82118244

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In August, 1995, the registration of the Harbin branch and Tianjin branch announced the start of TIENS China Region. In 1997, TIENS China established a multi-level marketing miracle when a single Tiens product reached a turnover of RMB300 million in one month, attracting the international multi-level marketing industry's attention. Then in 1998,it established itself as an important player in the multi-level marketing industry in China. In the later period of 1998, TIENS China Region, answering a call from the Chinese Government, TIENS started a new production-sales management model, which contained factory, branches, authorized stockists and customers. The TIENS China Region has now entered into a stable development period. The China Region has accumulated rich experiences, technologies, special talents and skils, and have begun to export operational and management technologies.

After 12 years' stable development, the China Region has established 6 sub-regions including the North, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, South, and East of China and 110 branches with nrearly 4,000 authorized stockists. Currently, the TIENS China Region provides several categories of products including health food, health care, beauty care, and home.

High-quality management employees and high-efficiency management together create excellent management teams. The number of management employees in the China Region has reached 1,084.The high-level administrators in TIENS China Region are all experienced multi-level marketing experts who are harmonious, highly efficient, enterprising and have long-term commitments to TIENS.

At the present time, the outstanding achievements of the TIENS’ China Region are superior to TIENS’ other regions, in particular the advantages in education, teamwork, culture and management. These achievements comprise the dynamic resources which maintain the energy and potential of China Region.